Employer Guideline

Once you registered on bossrenew, you will land on your managing dashboard. You can do following on your board.

  • Manage your core profile information.
  • Create your Company profile.
  • Create unlimited free jobs.
  • Manage Candidates job wise.
  • If your job expires you can renew it just with single click it will Re-Active for a month.
  • If you want your job always stay on home page create HOT JOB

What is difference between HOT JOBS and Normal Searchable jobs?

Hot jobs will stay on home page always every visitor landed on Bossrenew will see these jobs These jobs duration is 30 Days, Hot jobs can't available in job seekers search jobs. You may now understand that its extremely HOT.

Searchable jobs are normal jobs it will only available to search Job seekers can view by searching.

Freelance Recruiters Guideline

This account have all facilities like Employers account but it can't create or own companies. Freelance Recruiters can create unlimited jobs and download unlimited talented resumes.

Job Seekers Guideline

By default job seekers will land on there own country page. This page will have your own country jobs. We provide all Hot Jobs on home page and behind the hot jobs you will find the search area you can get relavent jobs according to your keywords and location given.

Job Seekers Professional Profile Resume

Once you login you can create a CV for professional use. in near future we are going to create latest and more professional look and feel of your resumes. These resumes will provides to Employers and google Indexes.

How you can subscribe and get notifications of jobs by email?

When you are trying to search something in search area Like What (Software Engineer) and enter after Where (New York)  you will notify that above the search area a string is generated if you want that once Software Engineer jobs posted on your desired location as you give it, so click on That string it will ask you the email address and submit, you will subscribed successfully. Hurry.

Are you now ready to Login or Create Hot Jobs?